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The Buzz About Bees in the Last Green Valley
ECBA on Facebook

Thanks to ECBA member Gary Slater, our Facebook groups page which has become a great tool for our new members who just installed packages and second year beekeepers with overwintered hives. But the main goal of this Facebook group is for members to help other members with their beekeeping questions. Come join the daily discussions about the different situations that come up during the beekeeping season.

Recent posts include:


  • Swarming and swarm dates.

  • Photos of new hives and packages.

  • Bloom dates.

  • Questions on mite testing and treatments.

  • Links to important articles on beekeeping.

  • Re-queening and queen problems.

  • Member to member beekeeping sales.


the Board


Adam Fuller
143 South Brook Rd
Hampton, CT 06247
(860) 428-1731


Richard Norman
387 County Rd
Woodstock, CT 06281
(860) 974-1235

Send Bee School Questions to


Timothy Grilley
222 West Rd
Salem, CT 06420
(860) 859-3678



David Saltzman 
PO Box 922

Windsor, CT  06095

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